Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Eyeshadow: smoky purple & teal

Today I did another look using the Sleek i-Divine palette in Original. Click here to see the palette and the way I've numbered it. This time I used some favourites from the palette: teal and purple. I had no idea where this was going when I was applying it and although I love the colours together, this definitely isn't my favourite application of the eyeshadow. I've done much better. Oh well, I still thought I'd post it, even though I'm not that keen on it.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Eyeshadow: dark blue, pink and copper

Today I wanted some colour, but I challenged myself to using just one palette. I ended up using my Sleek i-Divine Original palette, since it's been a while. Plus, I've lent my Sugarpill palettes to my sister for the week, which means I need to show some other palettes some love. Tomorrow I might whip out another palette, since I'm quite happy with the results of this one.

The Sleek Original palette: I used 1, 3, 7, 8, 10 and 11 for this look.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Eyeshadow: smoky burgundy

I wanted something a little softer today, so I chose some little-used Inglot shadows for this look. Also, the lovely ladies at EyeGraffiti (http://eyegraffiti.blogspot.com/) inspired me to use one of my Barry M dazzle dusts, which I've also been neglecting. For those of you who celebrate it, I thought this would be appropriate for a Valentine's Day look.

Top row: Inglot 446 Pearl, Inglot 399 Pearl, Barry M Dazzle Dust #89 (Oyster Grey) and Inglot AMC Shine 35.

Bottom row (far right): Inglot 354 Matte.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Eyeshadow: pink, orange and purple

For some reason, I wanted to use orange today. To create this look I used both the Sweet Heart and Burning Heart palettes from Sugarpill, as well as a couple of extras to add some sparkle. There are a couple of pictures of the palettes here, although I'm sure that by now, most of you are familiar with these palettes.

 Left to right: Femme Fatale Cosmetics Reindeer Dust (Limited Edition), LA Colors glitter liner in purple and pink.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Eyeshadow: green & gold Australia Day look

Happy Australia Day to all my Aussie readers! Today is traditionally spent at the beach or having a BBQ with friends and/or family. And copious amounts of alcohol, of course. I'll be going to the beach with my sister (the boyfriend is living it up in Miami at the moment). I never wear makeup to the beach so I did a sneaky and put this together last night so I could post it today. For those who don't know, our traditional Aussie colours and green and gold, so who makes better greens and golds than Sugarpill?

Top row: Sugarpill Midori and Tako.

Bottom row: darkest green shade from The Body Shop green shimmer cubes, Sugarpill Goldilux and Junebug.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Nails: Orly Bailamos, Sportsgirl Mermaid & OPI Super Bass Shatter

Phew! What a long title. This week I'm wearing three different nail polishes layered on top of one another. I'd been eyeing off Orly's Bailamos for the longest time, but denied myself because I didn't think I'd use up a whole bottle. The other day, my local Priceline had a number of baskets near the counter where everything was discounted to $2, which included the mini bottle of Bailamos! I'd never even seen it in the mini before. Needless to say, I snapped it up. Sportsgirl Mermaid was a Christmas gift from my friend Helen and the OPI Super Bass Shatter  was a somewhat impulsive buy from a small stall in my local shopping centre.

 Left to right: Orly Bailamos, Sportsgirl Nail It! Mermaid, OPI Super Bass Shatter.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Eyeshadow: featuring Steampunk

So today I have another darker look for you featuring Fyrinnae's Steampunk Arcane Magic eyeshadow. It's an amazing colour. This time I went for burgundy, red and gold, rather than the green and gold I used last time. I like this look better. I also used a couple of random colours I'd popped in my Z-Palette ages ago that I forgot I even owned. Mary Kay? Where the hell did that one come from? Anyway, onto the look.

Top row: Sugarpill Asylum, Inglot 446 Pearl, Fyrinnae Steampunk.

Bottom row: Sugarpill Goldilux, Mary Kay Onyx, MAC Retrospeck.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Eyeshadow: green, taupe and purple

Sometimes I tame down the colours I'm wearing on the days I have training. Sweat + bright eyeshadow = unattractive rainbow streaks. Today is one of those days. There's still colour, but it's not as intense as usual. I will have something bright for you all tomorrow. I used Sugarpill and Essence eyeshadows for this look, plus I tried an Avon duo palette for the first time, which I received as a Christmas gift.

 Left to right: Sugarpill Junebug, Essence Jazzed Up (top), Essence Taupe of the Pops (bottom) and Avon Beyond Color Eyeshadow duo in Violet.

Eyeshadow: soft pink & purple

This look is from the weekend. I wasn't feeling the super-bright colours today, but after seeing Tracy's (www.beauty-reflections.com) lovely Sleeping Beauty look here, I was inspired to wear pink. I haven't worn pink for a while, so I thought I'd try wearing Sugarpill Magentric lightly and use my Benefit I'm Glam Therefore I Am palette with it.

Left to right: Sugarpill Magentric, Benefit Precious Pewter, Posh Amethyst, Icy Lilac and Pink Fancy. 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

My first giveaway!

At long last, it's giveaway time! It's nothing huge or too spectacular, but it's a token of my appreciation for all your lovely comments and support from my little blog. Reluctantly, I've chosen GFC as a way of keeping track of the entries. This means someone who truly is part of my corner of the web will receive the prize. There is one  set of goodies and therefore only one winner. This is also my first time doing this, so if there's something screwy in the way this works, please let me know.

Here's the selection of goodies one lucky winner will receive.

Eyeshadow: bluish Sugarpill look

I didn't have the patience for eye makeup yesterday, so I wanted something quick, but still mildly interesting because I was going out in the evening. What better way to have tons of sparkle and shimmer without effort than Sugarpill? I used Lumi and Magpie, and that was enough. Forgive the bits where the makeup has smudged and/or worn away, as I'd been wearing this for a few hours before I realised I'd forgotten to take photos.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Nails: Zoya Jem & Cult Nails Clairvoyant

This week I've been wearing complete and utter awesomeness. You guys know by now how much I love Zoya polishes, so on its own Jem is amazing. However, I kind of wrecked my mani and being the lazy bum that I am, I decided to cover it up with other awesomeness rather than do a whole new mani. And that fixer-upper is the ultimate flakie: Cult Nail Clairvoyant (or Unicorn Puke if you have the original). I'm so happy to finally have this in my possession. All I can say is that the hype is definitely worth it.

Zoya Jem 

Eyeshadow: very dark smoky eye

I went out the other night and decided to go dark an smoky. I often wear both dark and smoky looks, but with more colour than this, which is all dark grey. I wouldn't say it's boring, but it's a flat colour and that's unusual for the looks I normally do. But hey, who wants to do the same thing over and over again?

 Left to right: Fyrinnae Dorian Grey, Illamasqua Beguile, Illamasqua Android.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Comments: not this @#$% again!

OK, so my replies aren't coming up. Again. IntenseDebate was quite quick to fix this problem the first time it happened, so hopefully they'll all appear soon. Rest assured that I have replied to all of you, but I'll thank you separately now for all your kind words and reassurance regarding my little car accident.

This will be the last time I chase up this crap. If it happens again, IntenseDebate is outta here. I've had no complaints about it until now, which is a shame. So be warned, IntenseDebate: this is your last chance.

Eyeshadow: green look with no black

I wanted to do something completely different and bright today, so I decided not to use any black makeup at all, apart from mascara, of course. Once again, I went for greens. I also wanted to try out two new Essence eyeshadows. Thank you for those who recommended colours for me to try. I'm still keeping an eye out for them, but my local display is constantly being raided before I can get to it!

Top row: Sugarpill Tako, Essence #46 taupe of the pops.
Bottom row: Sugarpill Midori, Essence #32 jazzed up.

Middle: Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner #4.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Eyeshadow: aqua and purple

First of all, let me apologise for the lack of posts over the last couple days. I had a full-on day at work and then I had a (minor) car accident that bummed me out and made me feel like not doing much of anything. I felt better today so I felt like posting something bright. This is from a couple of days ago. I was digging through my stash, looking for colours to combine and pulled out a few that have been neglected of late. Plus a new eyeshadow that I haven't worn yet.

Left: Gorgeous Cosmetics Deep Purple. 
Top row (left to right): Morgana Cryptoria Isis, Pure Luxe Green Aura.

Bottom row: Fyrinnae Futuristic Glamrock, Morgana Cryptoria Changing Chartreuse.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Award: Top 10 Beauty Award

The lovely Azure and Phlox at EyeGraffiti awarded me the Top 10 Beauty Award. Choosing my top 10 beauty items was supremely difficult. You wouldn't think so, since it's only 10 products, but narrowing down my absolute favourites is hard because they change all the time.

Eyeshadow: purgatory again!

This is the darker look I promised! I wanted to use Fyrinnae's Purgatory on the lid, but since I was wearing this to work, I decided I needed to brighten it up a tad so it wasn't so dark. This is where Sugarpill's Magentric came in to the rescue. I also used some colours from the Wet n Wild Comfort Zone palette, since it was within reach.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Eyeshadow: purple Stila look

I was digging through my stash recently and stumbled upon this love duo palette from Stila in Aubergine and Amethyst. It's got to be more than three years old by now, but I love it so I don't care. I just wanted something quick and brainless, so these two were the perfect choice (I can't go without purple too long!). Amethyst is a shimmery pinky-purple and Aubergine is a dark matte purple.

Top: Amethyst. Bottom: Aubergine.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Eyeshadow: smoky green look

What a hectic week! They boyfriend and I stayed in the city for a couple of days this week because we were  going to a couple of events as part of the Sydney Festival. We also checked out the Picasso exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW and went to the Sydney Observatory to have a squiz at Jupiter. As a result, I'm way behind on reading everyone's blogs, but I'm hoping to catch up this weekend. So, seeing how I only had one palette with me, this is the second look I did using the right side of the Wet n Wild Comfort Zone palette.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Eyeshadow: neutral smoky eye

I'm in the office this week, so my makeup is being done in a hurry, which means simple looks. Today I used my Wet n Wild Comfort Zone palette. I mentioned it here, if you'd like to see pictures of the palette and some swatches.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Nails: Zoya Ivanka

This week I decided to wear Zoya's Ivanka nail polish. It's kind of Christmasy, but I don't think here's ever an inapproriate time to wear and gorgeous glittery green. I'm away from home at the moment and I forgot to take a photo of the bottle, so take a look at the Zoya web site here to see what it (sort of) looks like. It's from the 2010 Sparkle collection. Very appropriate name!

Despite how it appears here, this is a glitter grass green delight!

Eyeshadow: teal and copper look

I've been trying to give some of my little-used eyeshadows some love recently, so this look was borne from that. I used the Urban Decay Naked palette, as well as the two i.color eyeshadows I got in Hong Kong. This look was very simple and I did it in a hurry before work.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Swatches: Estee Lauder mini lip glosses

It's a little late, but here are my swatches of the Estee Lauder mini lip gloss set I got from Myer on Boxing Day, which I mentioned here. The sets consists of three shimmers and three sparkle glosses. They all have a similar finish to me, except that the glitter in the sparkle glosses is multi-coloured.

Left to right: Plum Divine (Shimmer), Sugar Rush (Sparkle), Pink Innocence (Shimmer), Wired Copper (Shimmer), Raspberry Pop (Sparkle), Star Ruby (Sparkle).

Eyeshadow: another Aromaleigh Starry Night look

I haven't given Aromaleigh's Starrt Night collection enough love, so I did a look with a few of the colours I haven't used before. I went all-out and this look was shimmery from the lid all the way to the brow bone.

Left to right: Polaris (shimmery white), Capella (yellow with pink shimmer), Spica (chartreuse), Izar (red-based purple), Bellatrix (dark blue with silver sparkle).

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Eyeshadow: my first Essence eye colour

I recently picked up my first Essence eyeshadow from Target for a mere $3.25. It's one of their sparkling effect  eyeshadows in #02 Dance All Night. It's basically a shimmery white with fine gold glitter in it. I would have taken a picture, but I knocked it off the vanity in the bathroom and it fell onto the tiles, shattering everywhere. I'm such a klutz. I was able to salvage a fair bit of it, but it's not exactly a 'pressed' eyeshadow any more.
Blurred a little so you can see the sparkle. Left: over Urban Decay primer potion. Right: over NYX jumbo pencil in Cottage Cheese (this is how I wore it).

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Eyeshadow: five kinds of purple

So it seems I accidentally created a mini series of looks, all based around one colour. This is probably the last one because I have other colour combos I want to try. This one is all purple, five different shades to be exact. I love purple and this is probably my favourite out of the three that I've done (the other two were blue and green). I like the idea of using a variety of shades of one colour, so I'll probably come back to this series later on with other colours to get out of my comfort zone.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Nails: Sasatinnie Q28

Because I can't leave my manis alone, I decided to give my other Sasatinnie polish a go, this one in #28. It's a sheer shimmery polish that's mainly silver-looking, with a hint of mauve to it. When you look at it in the bottle, it's really not that exciting.

Eyeshadow: six kinds of blue

Yes, you read that right: I used six different blue eyeshadows for this look, which I wore yesterday. I wasn't going for a clownish look or anything, but I ended up just using a couple of extra colours unexpectedly to create the effect I wanted. I like how this turned out. For a less in-your-face look, I could simply replace the bright blue in the crease with a darker blue, grey or even black.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Swatches: latest Fyrinnae haul

A few people have commented on particular Fyrinnae (www.fyrinnae.com) eyeshadows that I've worn lately. I realised I didn't actually do any swatches or even take photos, so some of you don't even know what colours I'm talking about. To remedy that, I've swatched everything that was in my latest order (all done over Pixie Epoxy). Some of these aren't the best and everyone knows how hard it is to capture the colour shift on Arcane Magic shadows, but I've given it a go anyway. Enjoy!

Top row L-R (all are Arcane Magic shadows): Alchemist's Curse, Steampunk, Wake Not The Dead, Bride of Frankenstein and Are You My Mummy?
Middle row: Envy Me, Raven's Prophecy (Arcane Magic), Book of the Dead, Purgatory and Medieval Haunting.
Bottom row: Lucky Charmed (free sample), Dorian Grey and Cuddlefish (free sample).

Eyeshadow: bright liner & glitter

I had very little time to get ready yesterday, so I just slapped on a bright liner, rather than bothering with a complicated eyeshadow application. You can kind of tell I rushed it, but I like the idea of it.

The goodies I used: cream shadow, metallic eyeliner and glitter liner. 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Eyeshadow: red & gold look

I was eager to wear Fyrinnae's Purgatory as an actual eyeshadow, as opposed to a liner, like I did the other day. I decided to team it with gold, so I used Book of the Dead. Purgatory is a deep blood red, although it looks somewhat brownish in these pictures.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Nails: OPI Grape, Set, Match

This week's nails are purple, my favourite. OPI's Grape, Set, Match is from the Serena Williams collection and I've had it a couple of months, but haven't gotten around to wearing it yet. It's a gorgeous metallic purple base with piles of purple, pink and blue microglitter in it, which gives it an awesome foiled look.

Left: It's a fairly dark red-based purple. Right: blurry close-up so show off the sparkle better.

Eyeshadow: four kinds of green

Today I wanted to wear green. I was eager to try out a couple of new Fyrinnae eyeshadows; in particular, Are You My Mummy? Arcane Magic and Lucky Charmed. Unable to decide between the two, I ended up just combining them in the one look.

Monday, January 2, 2012

A note regarding comments

I'm a little frustrated at the moment. Those who follow my blog regularly know that I try my absolute hardest to reply to each and every comment that's left on my blog. You've taken the time to comment, so it's only fair that I acknowledge that with a reply.

The way I reply to comments is directly via email from IntenseDebate. However, none of my replies for the last two days have appeared on my blog and I only just received an email stating that "The email account that you tried to reach is over quota". IntenseDebate is on 'holidays' and will be back tomorrow, so hopefully all of my comments will come through soon.

I thank you all for your patience and know that I'm not ignoring any of you! I love you all for taking the time to visit and comment.

Undecided: what to do about GFC

I was stuck with a decision recently: to ditch or not to ditch GFC. I know I ranted about how annoyed I was previously, but there are a few things I needed to consider. First, GFC is the easiest way for people to follow a blog and the easiest way for us blog owners to see who's following us. For this reason, I've reluctantly come to the conclusion that I have to keep it, despite my misgivings about Google's forceful move to flog Google+ (not interested, for the record).

I've been enjoying Bloglovin' and I follow quite a few new blogs that way, but as far as I can see, there's no way to actually tell who's following your blog. If I'm wrong, please let me know! Apart from that, Bloglovin' is still fairly new and has yet to take off in the way that GFC has.

The reason for all this? I want to do a giveaway. I now have 114 followers (only 19 on Bloglovin') and I want to open the giveaway to my loyal readers. I don't want just anyone who stumbles upon my blog after Googling 'giveaway' to be able to enter, so I need to have a way to check that those who enter are regular visitors. It's my way of saying thank you.

So in the end, I may have to stick with GFC for now. Call me a hypocrite, but unless there's another easy way to track who my followers are, I'm left with no choice. The good news is there's a giveaway on the horizon! Stay tuned.

Eyeshadow: green/gold Fyrinnae look

Well, this look was a fail. Not that I think it looks crap, but it's nothing like I was expecting! It didn't turn out the way I pictured it in my head, but that's my fault because as everyone knows, you can't judge a Fyrinnae eyeshadow by its appearance in the jar, especially when Pixie Epoxy is also involved. All of the eyeshadows were from Fyrinnae.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Eyeshadow: New Year's Eve makeup

For New Year's this year, my boyfriend and I decided to get away from the city for a couple of days and just hang out by the beach, just the two of us. It was lovely. We had a quaint (read budget) room that was a short stroll to the beach, so we ended up lighting some sparklers and counting down 2012 at the water's edge. It was lovely and romantic.

During the day, we decided to go on a dolphin cruise. It was awesome! We saw heaps of dolphins and had fun splashing around in the boat's boomnet, while dolphins swam past us. It was so much fun. We even saw a two-week-old baby dolphin. See how much paler it is compared to its mummy? Adorable. Anyway, it wasn't until we got back late in the afternoon that we scrubbed up and slapped on some makeup (well, I did!) before going to dinner.

 A mother and baby dolphin! Aww...

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope everyone had a great night last night (or has one tonight, if you're not in my timezone)! I spent a cozy night with my boyfriend at the beach watching fireworks and then being silly with sparklers. I hope everyone has a happy and safe new year, full of fun and glitter, and all the things that make you smile!